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A Grammar of Mongsen Ao (Mouton Grammar Library) by Coupe, A.R.

By Coupe, A.R.

A Grammar of Mongsen Ao, the results of the authors fieldwork over a ten-year interval, offers the 1st accomplished grammatical description of a language spoken in Nagaland, north-east India. The languages of this sector stay under-documented for a few ancient purposes. through the 19th and early 20th centuries, the common cultural perform of head-hunting discouraged outsiders from getting into the Naga Hills. almost immediately after Indian independence in 1947, an armed uprising by means of Naga separatists and a central authority coverage of limiting entry to the bothered quarter ensured that Nagaland remained a tricky position to behavior learn. during this context, A Grammar of Mongsen Ao bargains precious new insights into the constitution of a Tibeto-Burman language spoken in a linguistically little-known zone of the realm. The grammatical research records all of the practical domain names of the language and comprises 4 glossed and translated texts, the latter being of curiosity to anthropologists learning folklore. Mongsen Ao is a hugely agglutinating, in general suffixing language with predominantly dependent-marking features. Its grammar demonstrates a couple of typologically attention-grabbing beneficial properties which are defined intimately within the e-book. between those is an strange case marking method within which grammatical marking is influenced by means of semantic and pragmatic elements, and a wealthy verbal morphology that produces problematic sequences of agglutinative suffixes. Grammaticalisation tactics also are mentioned the place correct, thereby extending the allure of the publication to linguists with pursuits in grammaticalisation conception. This ebook may be of worth to any linguist looking to make clear genetic relationships in the Tibeto-Burman relations, and it'll serve extra generally as a reference grammar for typologists attracted to the typological function

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The phonological inventories of other Mongsen varieties will then be considered, with a view to establishing the extent of known phonological variation that is to be found within the one dialect. Lastly, criteria for word and clitic are examined, followed by a description of phonological processes applying in word formation. 1. 1. 1 above. It is relevant to mention at this point that a prosodic glottal stop frequently occurs in words, but is not considered a member of the consonant phoneme inventory.

The second line, in plain face, gives a morpheme-by-morpheme segmentation showing underlying tones and morphological forms. The third line gives an interlinear gloss identifying lexical items and grammatical categories, and the fourth line gives a free translation in English. Lastly, direct speech in the first line of the phonemic transcription and in the free translation is differentiated from indirect speech, if present, by double quotation marks. 1) pùkphula nà̾ màЮulawׄ. ’ Capitalization is not used in the initial words of the language examples because the orthography is close to a phonemic transcription and there are no corresponding upper case symbols for some segments, such as the schwa.

1 above. It is relevant to mention at this point that a prosodic glottal stop frequently occurs in words, but is not considered a member of the consonant phoneme inventory. 1. The /High/ toneme is marked in phonemic transcriptions by an acute accent, the /Mid/ toneme is unmarked, and /Low/ toneme is signalled by a grave accent. Pitch is indicated by superscript tone letters 1-5 in phonetic transcriptions, with ı55 being the highest and ı11 the lowest pitch level. 1. 1. V coda (G) (C2) Metrical structure of the Mongsen syllable There are no restrictions on the occurrence of consonants in the onset slot (C1).

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