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A Call at Dawn; a Message From Our Brothers of the Planets by kelvin rowe

By kelvin rowe

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You can argue later. Right now Page 48 you can either walk out or be carried out. ” Furious, the girl stalked past him. Another followed as he motioned to her, and another. At the same moment three of the Earthmen rushed one of the guards. All three were stopped by tangle webs, and one, struggling helplessly, tumbled headfirst into the pool. “Haul him out,” Ben shouted to the guard. “The idiot will drown. ” By now almost a dozen girls had been taken into custody by waiting Spacers, and they started across the main hall toward the door.

And then, with a roar of power and the whine of antigravity engines reverberating in his ears, Ben Trefon lifted the little ship swiftly into the dark sky and watched the House of Trefon dwindle to a speck on the Martian desert below him. Maybe when he came back, he thought, his father would explain what it was that he still had left unsaid. But somehow Ben knew, even now, that he was leaving behind in this house something he would never regain. He shifted the controls gently, and watched as the ship moved out from behind the disc of Mars and headed like a tiny arrow in toward the orbit of Earth.

At last the orbit ship, one of the great spherical interplanetary cargo ships of the Spacer fleet, was commissioned for the raid and thrown into orbit toward the sun. And once again, as in so many raids before, the orbit ship and all the rest of the raiding fleet, from the tiny S-80‟s to the twenty-man cruisers that handled the big null-gravity generators, began to take their places in a wide orbit around Earth, using the hidden side of Earth‟s moon for a rendezvous point before the raid began.

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