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A-bar Syntax: A Study in Movement Types by Gereon Müller

By Gereon Müller

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Given that ιυ/ìrmovement at S-structure is uniformly to be identified with movement to SpecC (cf. , variables which are bound from a SpecC position, must not be bound from any other type of position. In particular, the PUB 24 Proper government and subjacency in (12) rules out ω/ìrmovement via intermediate adjunction to XP, as it has been proposed by Chomsky (1986), Baker (1988), Johnson (1988), Sportiche (1988), and Frampton (1990), among others. As a case in point, consider again an example involving successive-cyclic long-distance movement of an adjunct, as in (8-b), which is repeated here, with the relevant derivation, as (13).

Head movement) of X into Y. Suppose for the time being (but cf. chapter 5) that incorporation may apply either overtly, at S-structure, or covertly, at LF. 6 In the case of overt incorporation, a structure like (18-b) arises, where X is adjoined to Y; again, the heads of XP and YP do not count as distinct, as a result of head movement. , empty identification. , both phonologically and semantically empty. Such a configuration is depicted in (18-c). (18) a. Abstract Incorporation (S-structure): ...

2 2 Then, again, the only way to remove barrierhood in such a configuration consists in co-indexing at S-structure, as depicted schematically in (46-a); and again, S-structural coindexing of heads implies LF movement to the next higher head (which in this case is I), as shown in (46-b). (46) a. b. [IP [ N p ... Ni ... ] [r ... I» ]] (S-structure) [IP [NP - t ... ] [1- ... [1 Ν I ]]] (LF) Wh-movement at S-structure 43 However, in (46-b), Ν does not p-command its NP-internal trace, given the definition in (21) - the first projection all segments of which dominate Ν after LF adjunction to I is I'; but t, the trace of N, is not included in I' in (46-b).

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