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8th Grade Reading Comprehension Success by Elizabeth Chesla

By Elizabeth Chesla

This consultant develops serious interpreting abilities with fabric that's tough, age-appropriate, and high-interest.

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Wer leichter und besser lernen will, ist hier genau richtig. Dieser TaschenGuide stellt Ihnen wirksame Strategien vor, um sich neues Wissen zu erschließen, zu merken und anzuwenden. Damit Sie in Prüfungen und anderen Stresssituationen erfolgreich bestehen. Nutzen Sie effektive Techniken, um sich neues Wissen anzueignen.

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But you won’t become really good unless you can successfully combine all of these skills on the court. Similarly, when you read, you need to use a number of different reading strategies at the same time. Putting together the strategies that you’ve learned so far will take your reading skills to the next level. WHAT YOU’VE LEARNED These are the reading strategies you’ve learned so far. Lesson 1: Becoming an Active Reader. You learned that active reading is the key to reading success. Active readers use five specific strategies to understand what they read: LearningExpress Skill Builders • LESSON 5 31 –8TH GRADE READING COMPREHENSION SUCCESS– ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ skimming ahead and jumping back highlighting key words and ideas looking up unfamiliar vocabulary words recording questions and reactions looking for clues Lesson 2: Finding the Main Idea.

I don’t know how they had room to move. Teeming means a. full of or present in large numbers. b. working together as a group, cooperating. c. cloudy or unclear. d. gross or disgustingly dirty. 20 3. Though I do the same thing every day, my volunteer job is anything but mundane. The patients really keep me on my toes, and no two days are ever alike! Mundane means a. exciting and interesting. b. dull and boring. c. important and meaningful. d. unpleasant and distasteful. EXERCISE 3 We can’t emphasize enough the importance of being able to determine word meaning from context.

Practice them today and the rest of the week: 1. Write a quick note or e-mail to a friend and explain what “active reading” means. Describe the strategies that active readers use to better understand and remember what they read. 2. Develop a detective’s eye. Notice the things around you. Look at the details on people’s faces and clothing. Notice the names of the stores you pass on your way to school. Pay close attention to the things around you. You may be surprised at the interesting things you see that you hadn’t noticed before.

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